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Well skilled craftsmen manufacture high quality boat interior components.

Managers and designers create new solutions for inside of boats, such as light weight doors and outside tables.


It is very easy to find us due to the fact that BALTIC TEAK is located in Lithuania – country with excellent infrastructure and communications for northern, eastern or western customers.

Our clients

Clients of BALTIC TEAK are highly valued members of marine market.

We are glad to present our clients which we are proud to work with.

Teack deck

Baltic Teak manufactures teak deck for serial production and private customer.

Well skilled craftsmen follow any requirement of our customers. They also help to choose right decision for any individual boat.


to Baltic Teak company website. We supply teak deck for the boat builders in Scandinavian countries and West Europe at competitive price.

Private boat owners are welcome to send inquires, we give advice how to make template and install teak deck.


How to do template ?

Please send us request and we will provide you description how to make templates on your boat.


Made to Fit stands for a bespoke deck that is supplied in separate parts. The deck is produced based on a 2D AutoCAD file supplied by the customer, which contains the deck design and the deck layout. Any imaginable design and pattern can be realized. The colour of the Esthec deck can be chosen in advance from a selection of available standard colours and there are several joint options as well. When the deck parts are delivered they only need to be glued onto the ship’s deck.
Sailing and motor boat teak deck prefabrication
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